We work for everybody to be able to enjoy the incredible taste of healthy berries, fruits and vegetables! During our long history in Ukrainian agricultural market, we reached the heights of the industry, became leaders in the field, and our berries have become popular among our numerous consumers. Parents prefer our berries as they want their kids to eat only the best, the tastiest and the healthiest food.

Today Ecovista offers the following products:

  • Raspberries and blueberries
  • Red currants and black currants
  • Gooseberries and blackberries
  • Honeysuckle
  • 5 apple varieties
  • Wide assortment of vegetables

We have more than 180 hectares of land only for growing berries in Lviv and Khmelnytskyi regions. Moreover, we have more than 170 hectares of apple gardens. We offer carefully selected apples of such varieties as: Orion, Red Topaz, Rosella, Luna, Sirius.

Our mission and goals today

Despite being the leader on the Ukrainian agrarian market, we crave for more. The main goal is to provide high quality, tasty, eco-friendly berries and apples to the whole world! We establish and sustain contacts with respectable foreign partners and thus prove our great reputation.

Eco Vista creates the perfect environment to grow best products on its land. During the whole production process – from planting to harvesting – we refuse to use chemical fertilisers and pesticides and choose only natural substances!

Moreover, we do everything possible for our employees to grow professionally. We care about self-realisation and continuous education. We strive to became a dream company for talented and ambitious people!

Our mission is as follows:

  • To develop berry consumption culture in Ukraine and around the world;
  • To make high-quality, healthy products accessible for everybody
  • To make the idea of healthy lifestyle popular and to help improve the health of our citizens

We are focused on reaching our goal! And professionals of different fields help us

Plans for the future

Eco Vista has been offering tasty, healthy berries and fruits to the consumers for some time now. We shall never stop improving all parts of our operations, as we crave to reach greater heights! Here are our future plans:

  1. Make our berries and fruits even more accessible by continuing to grow our dealer network with new partners.
  2. Make it possible for people to buy our products at a better price, quality and by using new technologies for better harvests and consumer satisfaction.
  3. To gain stable positions on the international market by increasing our products’ imports.

We do our best to reach our goals and believe that soon we’ll be able to do it.

Our staff

All that we have for today would be impossible without our staff. They put a lot of efforts to grow healthy and fruity plants, to look after them throughout the year, to have rich harvests. Each berry is hand-picked and therefore is intact and undamaged. This is how our production gets to the store shelves.

People who work with us:

Eco Vista is an open-minded company, ready to embrace new ideas and technologies that increase competitiveness and business capitalisation. We build our business based upon best international practices and add our experience to them. Thanks to that we were able to become one of the market leaders in Ukraine.

Choose the best! Choose Eco Vista!

Eco vista

Together with the supply of nation’s favorite berries, we are happy to have the opportunity to make a real contribution to the health, prosperity and vitality of future generations.

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