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Now that the warm weather comes, we all crave to start berry season as soon as possible. We want to enjoy the flavor and nourish our exhausted organisms with vitamins after the long winter. We are used to the fact that strawberries appear first in shop windows. But there is another early berry that is much more valuable in its nutritional properties. That is haskap, the first harvest of which is in the middle of May.

This name is quite new for Ukraine. However, we are sure that when you come to know about the magical healing properties of haskap and taste our berries – you’ll end up being a fan of it forever.

Ecovista company has 96 hectares of land to grow this valuable plant for you.

IMPORTANT! Our haskap is not processed with harmful chemicals, and that is why you get eco-friendly and healthy berries on your table.

What does honeysuckle look like?

Haskap consists of many variations each of which have distinct taste and period of maturation. The most famous among them are “Silginka”, “Aurora” and “Borreal Beast”. The plant’s fruits are from 1 to 4 centimeters in size, have no seeds, thin skin, and that is why it is safe to be offered fresh to kids. Blue berries can be round or oval. Some say they look like small plums. Haskap has mostly sweet flavor. The plant itself is non-demanding and durable, it lives and brings fruits for 60-80 years. Moreover, haskap is frost-resistant and can survive temperatures lower than -45 °C.

Why is haskap good for your health?

  • Haskap is a real treasure of nutritious elements! Interesting fact: not only berries are good for your health! You can find use in leaves, flowers and branches – there are numbers of recipes that use them.
  • Haskap contains a record number of vitamins (A,B1, B2, B6, B9, K, C, P) that are vital for immunity, nervous system, blood vessels and has cancer protecting elements.
  • Haskap is also rich in microelements. This is especially true for magnesium and potassium, a sufficient number of which plays a crucial role in the work of the nervous system, heart and kidneys. It is worth emphasizing that these berries have iodine, so they are useful for problems with the thyroid gland.
  • Interestingly, haskap is also rich in phytoncides, which means that it has antibacterial and fever-reducing properties. Flavonoids of berries have oncoprotective effects on the human body. And pectins and tannins help to fix the digestive process.

Cooking haskap

Apart from consuming haskap fresh, you could also use it in various recipes. It is quite possible that haskap pie will become your favorite.

Also honeysuckle is used to make compotes, jam, prepare jelly and delicious sour-sweet sauces for meat dishes and even add berries to various salads. Using honeysuckle not only improves the taste of the dishes, but also makes them extremely useful for health.

To sum up, why should you buy haskap?

  • Exceptional health benefits (record number of vitamins) and great taste!
  • Ability to eat these berries from mid-May to mid-July.
  • Care without the use of chemicals, as a result – an environmentally friendly product on the table.
  • Culinary variety of recipes with haskap.
  • Gaining popularity with consumers.

Recently, the demand for useful products has been steadily increasing. Ecovista Company is pleased to offer people a really valuable product of high quality!

Take care of your health, of your children and relatives! Choose the best! Choose Ecovista!

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