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This beautiful indigo-colored berry gets more popular each day. And it’s no wonder, as it has all of the best features: sweet, with rich aroma and incredibly healthy.

Blueberries are rich with C, B1, B2, PP and K vitamins. It is the vitamin K that makes it special. Scientists started to emphasize its importance only recently. The right amount of vitamin K facilitates calcium absorption and mitigates the risk of its accumulation in blood vessels. Blueberry also contains important microelements (potassium, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, iron). It strengthens the immunity, provides for better digestion and sight and even has antiseptic and fever reducing properties.

Interesting facts about blueberries:

  • North America is considered to be the birthplace of blueberries. Indians used to consume not only the berries, but also the leaves of this plant.
  • Blueberries arrived in Eastern Europe in 17th century. And Ukraine first received these berries in the end of 20th century.
  • Blueberry is the symbol of New Jersey. There is even a museum dedicated to this plant.
  • In ancient times blueberries were used as a paint.
  • During the Civil War in the USA, soldiers used to consume blueberry broth to prevent scorbutus.

Blueberries grow only in ecologically clean environment, that is why Ecovista does not treat its soils with harmful substances and our ripe juicy berries contain no trace of chemicals. It is easy to damage soft berries when harvesting them. That is why we are especially careful doing it.

Make it possible for your family and yourself to enjoy truly healthy berries and their tender taste. Choose the best! Choose Ecovista!

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