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Many people can’t wait for the season when one can enjoy the taste of ripe gooseberries. They contain a huge concentration of vitamins – A, C, E, PP and also microelements (iron, potassium, magnesium, copper, fluorine), that are vital for the organism.

As for the contents of ascorbic acid, the gooseberry is inferior only to currant. Therefore, doctors advise people to eat it to help with cardiovascular diseases and for the general strengthening of immunity.

Did you know that gooseberry is also called “the northern grape”? This is not only for external looks, but for the high contents of vegetable sugar. Gooseberry is very nutritious and therefore is recommended for kids and elderly people. And it makes a great wine too!

There are countless recipes with gooseberries: jams, drinks, pies and sauces. But the best way to eat this berry is to take it fresh, as you’ll get the most out of its nutritional value.

The first gooseberries harvest from Ecovista agricultural holding gets to the shop windows in the middle of June. The berries are collected manually, and this is why you get to buy them intact and undamaged. If you haven’t tried our beautiful gooseberries – do it this season. We are sure that the taste of our products will not leave you indifferent!

Taking care of it

  • We grow our gooseberries on clayey, sandy soil, which has a neutral or faintly alcaline reaction. The site is selected with regard on having a lot of sun rays. After all, these nuances affect the taste of the berries.
  • Gooseberries “don’t like” a lot of water. Taking this into account, we don’t allow for soil oversaturation with water.
  • To mitigate the risks of plant diseases outbreaks, we use treatments with safe and reliable compounds.

Thanks to the professional approach we get great gooseberries harvest each year. Our assortment consists of 3 sorts of gooseberries that bear fruits at different times, so you get more time to enjoy the taste and health value of Ecovista gooseberry.

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