Rosela Apples

Rosela Apples

Ripe apples are of an average size and weigh up to 200 grams. The color is bright, most of the surface is covered with red blush. The pulp is sweet, very juicy and flavored.

Such fruit trees are planted in the sun. The Rosela variety prefers neutral soils. The tree does not like moisture, lowland areas and shadow. In order to get tasty fruits, we plant these apple trees where they can grow well and bear fruit.

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Orion Apples

Orion Apples

These apples refers to the winter variety. We begin harvesting them in early or mid-October. The Orion variety has the following features:

  1. Apples are of medium and large size, have smooth skin of a greenish-yellow color and blushed sides.
  2. Rich flavor, bright and unsurpassed sweet taste is complemented with sour tones.
  3. Trees are resistant to many diseases.
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Red Topaz — special features

Red Topaz — special features

Ripe apples have a flat-spherical shape and bright red color. These apples also have a sweet taste. The pulp has a yellow tint, the fruits themselves are crunchy and tasty.

These trees tolerate drought or strong winds, while producing a good harvest. The trees are resistant to diseases, but Eco Vista prefer to use preventive treatment to increase their resistance to powdery mildew.

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Luna Apples — tasty and healthy

Luna Apples — tasty and healthy

Luna is a dessert variety. The apple pulp is very sweet and has a balanced and rich taste. It is this kind of fruit that children love so much. Apples are juicy and crunchy.

Trees have high productivity and produce fruits of big size. One apple can weigh up to 240 grams. We pick apples when the skin turns yellow. If you wait a bit, then its surface may become slightly blushed.

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Sirius – keeping traditions alive

Sirius – keeping traditions alive

The apple pulp is yellow, dense, very juicy, has a pleasant, thick flavor.

Despite the fact that this apple variety has been created not so long ago, it has already become popular with many consumers. Its trees produce medium sized apples. Ripe fruits are colored green with a possibility of blush.

Eco Vista grows clean, healthy and tasty apples so that everyone who loves this fruit can enjoy the taste of them! We take care of our consumers, so we supply only ecologically friendly fruits to the stores.

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Harvest Period
Red Topaz
  • Rosella
  • Orion
  • Red Topaz
  • Luna
  • Sirius

Apples are the most common fruits in our area, and we are used to eating them every day. The British have an interesting saying: “An apple a day keeps the doctor away”. For real, despite being easily accessible and cheap, apples are a rich source of substances useful for humans.

Apple harvest of different sorts comes in Autumn. However, these fruits are easily preserved fresh, so we have the opportunity to enjoy them throughout the year. There are numerous recipes with apples. Mothers first introduce their children to this fruit in the form of vitamin puree. Tasty compotes are made of fresh and dried apples. There are thousands of apple pie recipes. Crepes with apple jam taste terrific, and just think about warm chubby patties with apple stuffing!

Ecovista company has 170 hectares of land with apple gardens. We grow different sorts of apples so that everybody can choose the fruits of the favorite taste. Our apples are not processed with heavy chemicals, so they are completely safe even for the smallest children.

Orion apples

This sort of apples is the winter one. We start Orion harvest in the beginning or in the middle of October. This apple variety has the following characteristics:

  • Medium and large fruits with soft skin of green-yellowish color and blushy sides.
  • Rich aroma, bright and sweet flavor with sour notes.
  • Orion apple trees are resistant to many diseases and therefore don’t require excessive chemical processing.

Red Topaz apples

Ripe fruits have a bit flat and round form and bright red coloring. We plant these trees in the sun for the apples to have a sweet flavor. The pulp has a yellow shade and fruits are crunchy and tasty.

We plant Red Topaz in sunny places with ground waters. These apples survive strong winds and droughts easily and still bring fruits.

Luna apples

Luna is a dessert apple variety. The pulp is sweet and has a balanced and rich flavor. The apples are juicy and crunchy, and that is why children like them.

The trees are very fruitful and have large fruits. One apple can weigh up to 240 grams. We harvest apples when their skin turns yellow. If you wait a little more, a slight blush will appear on it.

Sirius apples

The pulp of yellow color is dense, very juicy and has a pleasant distinctive aroma.

Despite the fact that this apple sort appeared only recently, many have already fallen in love with it. Sirius apple trees grow medium-sized fruits. Ripe apples are slightly green and sometimes have a slight blush on them.

Interesting facts about apples

  • Scientists consider that people started cultivating apples in the 7th century BC.
  • There are 7000 sorts of apples in the world.
  • Kazakhstan capital name, Almaty means “the father of apples”. This city even has a marble apple monument.
  • Biblical forbidden fruit is an apple.
  •  Apples contain many vitamins and microelements, and they are concentrated mostly in the skin and the pulp.
  • If you throw an apple in the water it does not drown, because it’s ¼ air.
  • Sweden hold an annual apple festival, the main attraction of which are huge canvases created from apples. It takes 75 thousand of apples of all sorts and colors to prepare them.

Ecovista company grows safe and tasty apples so that every person that chooses this fruit can enjoy the usefulness and taste of it! We care about our consumers, that’s why we deliver only eco-friendly products on shelves.

Rosella apples

Ripe apples are medium-sized and weigh about 200 grams. Their color is bright and most of the skin has red blush. The pulp is sweet and sour and very juicy and aromatic.

Rosella apple trees love the sun and hate the shadow and excessive humidity. We always take into account the specifics of each variety and plant trees where they can grow and give fruits effortlessly.

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