Red currant

  • Rolan
  • Rovada
  • Rodneus

The berries of this plant have many healthy properties. They are rich in vitamins A, C, E, and also contain iron, potassium and other trace nutrients. We do not use chemical fertilizers dangerous for human body, so our red currant is really beneficial for the health of adults and children alike.

We make every effort to grow the best quality berries. Subsequently, our currants are full of health benefits and each berry reaches our retail points whole and intact.

We create the best conditions when growing the berry in order to increase the amount of berry reaped and provide our consumers with quality products.

This bright red attractive berry has a distinct sour taste. When it is fresh, this berry is consumed in fruit vitamin drinks that are perfect to quench thirst during summer and to fill the organism with useful substances. Red currant is also used in compotes, added to smoothies, baked with pies and used to make incredible sweet and sour sauces for meat dishes.

Vitamin C, that helps the immune system and blood vessels, health is dominant in red currant (25 mg for 100 grams of berries). The berry also contains A, E vitamins and minerals: potassium, calcium, magnesium phosphorus.

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