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This sweet and sour dark-colored berry is not quite widespread in Ukrainian gardening, but it is very popular on North American continent. Blackberry is a close relative to raspberry. You can tell the difference by picking the berry from the bush – unlike raspberry, the blackberry will come off with its base.

As for health properties and taste blackberries are no inferior to raspberries. In hot summer weather this berry is great to beat thirst. It also contains elements that have a distinct healing effect, anti-inflammatory and fever-reducing. Thanks to high contents of vitamins and microelements blackberries can be considered a natural multivitamin medicine. By the way, “living” vitamins are much better assimilated by the organism than synthetic drug analogs.

What to cook with blackberries?

There are numerous recipes with blackberries. It goes perfect with cheesecakes and other pies. Blackberry muffins is an American cuisine classic. You can also consume blackberries in the form of smoothies, add them to fruit salads, cream desserts, jelly and ice-cream. You should never forget that there is blackberry jam. And even you decide to decorate your dish with a few dark-violet berries, you’ll make it way more appetizing and useful.

Ecovista employees are happy to be growing and delivering healthy products of high quality to clients that care about their health. Grown with care and without harmful pesticides our blackberry can become not only a tasty decoration to your dish, but also a healing source of nutritious ingridients.

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